Mental harassment by in law?

My in laws mentally torture me for everything right after my marriage in 2013. I got pregnant after marriage and was force to continue my pregnancy by my father in law ,mother in law and sister in law.I then though of taking tutions from home to which they said no.Every single day of my pregnancy my sister in law and mother in law used to have arguments on useless topics so that I can not take rest.After my daughter birth I am the verse person in house.I am not allowed to use any part of the house except my room .My father in law is a doctor and gave double dose of crosin during fever to my daughter for which we have to admit her to the hospital. If I order anything on phone or online if they open the door before me they will definitely fight with me.They openly say now leave this house.I am the only child of my parents and I feel my father in law want to through me out of the house to either to stay with my parents or my parents should sell their house and give them money.I have recently joined a school near my house and appointed a 6 hours maid to look after my daughter with my husband support.Now again they say leave the house, in my house I do not want maid. My mother in law twist things and say that brother and sister can sleep together.This is limit of my tolerance.My sister in law is married for one and a half years without an issue. My father in law have contact with high level police officer and my sister in law and her husband works in newspaper.They threaten me that they have contacts that will put me behind the prison.