My Wife left house along with my 18 months child.

We got married in June 2012, we both are working (Govt service). My wife wants to leave alone, from initial days, which I never accepted. She had left to her parents in 2013, I tried to convenience her but she was stuck on one thing that she wants me to leave my Mom and leave with her separately, I had not even thought of Divorce she went to court for seeking Divorce, which was really shocking to me, after 03 rounds of counselling in family court we agreed on Mutual Divorce, which she later on denied, actually she thought I will listen to her now and instead of giving Divorce will prefer to leave separately. when she withdrawn I also accepted her as I have not thought of divorcing her, she convince to me that she will not repeat the same. In 2014 we blessed with a child everything was going perfect but from couple of months she started irritating. She started misbehaving with me and with my Mom, and she started demanding to leave separate. From day one she was never interested to get involve in any family event, she never come with me to any of my friends or relative events. Either its bad or good. She is not interested in household stuffs, since she is also working we had also not concentrate on it more, but she is not at all interested in doing anything in house. In my family we are six members Mom, me, wife, child, nephew and sister. My sister is divorced she is a teacher and do not depend on us financially, she have her own house in same locality but instead of making her and my nephew leave alone, we instead to leave with us for her protection and as my nephew is in 12th std. Now from last 20 days she went with my child and saying will return if I leave with her separately, which I don't agree, she require help for herself in day to day routing and how she will manage her job, child and house ? and why I should accept her all demand, when I am the only son to my Mom, and because of her only our child is in safe hand and we are able to go on our workplace as she take cares of house. I am more disturb because she is making now false complaints that we are not treating her well, which is not true. Like past I am afraid without knowing me she will again went to court and make false allegation. Please suggest me what I can do, I don't want to divorce her nor want to leave separately. And if not at all she is ready to listen then I want child custody, as her is transferable job and mine is not.