Buyed a Laptop from and Now Take my product and money.

I have purchased a HP laptop from amazon around 2 years ago in 2014 and This year in 2016 when my laptop was not working properly i take it to the Laptop service center( as my laptop comes with 3 years warrenty) and they told that A LCD Component of the laptop is found to be fake..and company is not able to replace that component. and I Complain this issue to customer care ..and they told to reply them back with the Mail received by HP service center so that they can issue a pickup of the laptop and refund my money. I do the same.. and They pickup my product on 9th May 2016 and I regularly call to them for the status of refund.They told me.. every time they will initiate the refund once they recieve the laptop and on 15th May they confirmed that they recieve the laptop and issued the refund on 15th May 2016 at 7:45PM (as per their mail) Then they told me to wait for 4 Business Days so that i can be able to see my money in my account. After 4 days when i see my bank account i didn't found any transaction by amazon. Again I called and told about the process.. They said your account is on hold we can't help.. and told me to contact qla team of amazon via mail. I mail them they dined to open the account and finally after regular mailing they finally open the account and then again i contact They provide me a Bogus/ Fake Payment Transaction ID and Reference ID of the transaction they have made on 15th of May . Again they said to wait for another 4 days i said ok..i waited... Then they told me.. to call my banks customer care and told to file a charge dispute case on transaction. My bank said they can't be able to dispute the case .. coz The info provided by amazon is totally fake regarding the transaction number .. Then i again contact they told me sorry sir it's not process from our side..they said me again to wait for 4 days to that they can again re initiate the refund..after 24 hours i got a mail from amazon billing team they said We have process refund on 15th of May 2016 and they told me to talk with my bank again. Finally, I tell about the whole issue to my bank manager and they directly talk with amazon customer care team. and finally they said sir now it would be a bank to bank conversation also i have provide the account statement of whole may and a record of conversation occur between me and my bank .. I also mail the issue to [deleted] (CEO's mail) They told me to wait for this Saturday so that they can contact with my bank and track the money.. The Money is too huge for me ie 34,260Rs Now They again close my account and Again when i call to amazon esclation team they said Blocking your account from amazon means that we will not refund your money . Please help me :( what can i do now ?