Dispute with brother over property issue

I am 40 yrs old.I am running my fathers business since 1998.My father passed away in 2007 without leaving a will.I took care of my brothers education ,sisters marriage mothers several operations etc.without a penny from my brother.Ours is old house.It was so old that I was not been able to stay with dignity.After fathers death I repaired house and spent almost 12 lakhs .also my buisness at the time of my father was in pennies.I brought all the new machineries ,did light fitting and wasted all my money on factory.I have a daughter age 12 and a so age 9.my father had a 3 acre land and a a plot worth Rs.20lakh.i gave all that money to my brother to by a flat in 2009.At that time the value of my house ......where i am living now all less than 10 lakhs. My 2 sisters are well setteled and dose not wish anything.But my brother to whom I gave everything making my wife and kids cry is making my life hell,He is an engineer in a MNC and has is own flat......his wife is a lonely child of a rich father.....he will get all the property from his inlaws.....his baby is 2 yrs old and has sufficient time to invest for his future.My kids are grown up and I am worried about their future.Since I have put all my money to repair house and factory now no money is left with me so that i could bring a new house.....my brother says that he can:t give me house because he is worried about his job......so he is playing safe so that if something happens to his job he may join the family business and stay in house ......I have given almost 19 yrs for buisness ....he has not even come to visit it once ...now he is dreaming to enter buisness and become my partner just to ruin my life. please tell me that if I drag him to the court what are my chances of winning.also please tell me the laws related to this. thank you