Help for divorce from wife?

Hi sir, Myself sachin dobriyal married a girl in 2005, in arya samaj mandir without wish of our parents, from the day1 my wife is start his colour by harrassing& she in under influence of her parents who always trying that her daughter can earn &provide monthly some amount to them, as i interfere& stop her to visit her parents home regularly,but everytimeshe fight and even beat me up in several occassions, then i keep watching her normal things, later she give birth my girl child, i am happy that now she can be changed but she never changed, &regularly visited her parents home without my wish, later i got suspicious when she is talking with someone &always said i am speaking with my mom, but i insteated him to tell the truth but she never telols, after that i got a accidentin which my left leg is broken down ,i admitted to hospital for 6 months, later on complete bed restfor a period of 1 year at that time we have no physical relations but later she told me that i am pregnant again, i ask her how it possible, she told you forgot we have physically intimate ion 1 night, later she took 17,000/-- from me &visited her home,and inform me that i have check up its a girl child , so i am aborting this with my mom, when her mother inform me, in my love& sacrifice i visited their to see her, she aborted the child in nearby nursing home.when she came i ask her why you did this i can take care of that child also, but she again &again blaming myself &my famlily for a boy child,but at that time of my treatment she helped me alot to recover & i am really thankful to her, later on i recover& start living with my family, in the month of july2014 we sale out our parental house due to water resource problem in palam, at rs 62 lacs she start creating problems after seeing the huge amount of money, aagain &again she asked mev that you can take 40 lacs from out of this and we can buy a home in near by my mom's house& buy a new car and rest of the amountwith her in bank account i totally refused and buy a 4 bhk in mayur vihar-1, she came along with us but when 3 lacs amount remains she again ask me to get this amount in her namebut i deposited in myb mom account then she harrass me dailydue to this harrassment from last 11 yearsi got a paralysed attackin may2015, again she can help me at that time but later arguing me to sell the house & take 50% share to buy thre home& car but i refused then in the year 2012 she gave birth a son child before my treatment her sister marriage happen's she asked me to get loan from allmy5 sister's to 1lac each to help her mother i refused, then she can can take help of her uncle who is lawyer , who suggest her that if you want money then you have to pressurize & get some cases registered on her family &on him, later she put false cases on my 2 sister's son against misbehaving& sexual harrassment to her and my daughter, but later found false so not any thing happens, then she visited her sister's home regularly & her brother in law insist him that you can give divorce i can arrange a marriage to a rich personwho can take care of you &your child's.on the month of decon christmas i found some pics in un habirant condition with her brother in law, i asked her she said i will do whatever i wish you cant stop me,so i again recounsell her with love&emotions she agreed but later in the month o0f jan2016she ttook a step on 25th jan night to kill me in night with the help of pillow to strangled my facebut later i ewscaped, i dasked her in morning but she call her brother & tell them a story that you called police &registered a complaint that i wanted to kill her,later on police came and found that she is lyingthen she said i am going to my mom house & took all her valuable and all things,exceptone double bed, my wholev neighbour & police try to counsell her that its not goodand its a bad impression on your child future but she refused and take my 2 child alonwith her forcibly'and threaten me that if i try to visit her home to meet kids she can kill me. Later i tried to convince her but she refused, later on in feb2016 i called up her in mom phone my daughter picked up the phone, we can speak for 10 min. she is crying &fearing, later on she escaped from there &take metro and reach our home, after that my wife brother& sister start abusing & threatening me that we have filled a case of kidnapping on you, when i speak to police officer i told him that i am on i can reach their then my manager speak nwith him &give assurance that i am at my job. later when i reached my home, police officer asiawadh kr. singh and my wife and her brother, sister & her brother in law start abusing & threatening me to kill in front of police later he shout that you can do the judgement i am a fool so why you can take me along with you. later they keep quite, but when i go washroom for fresh up , my wife visited in my room and stolen rs3000/- & my passport alongwith my some letters which i written to senior govt. officials for justice& help. later on ask her to give my passport back to help in my identinty that is the last ddocs i have she asked first you pay 5 lacsthen i allow you to meet your kids, and return your passport, i refused, that i have no money, later on she filled false complaint in caw cell where ib reached but caw cell counsell her that if i am agreed to get her back so why you are not going she said when her mother& sister can laid down in myb feet then i go, i refused, when i return back they gave us a date for meditation counselling in court, when i reach downstairs, i asked her how are you& kids, her brother abusing me & later on asking sale youur house & give 25 lacs & take back your kids, Sir i am requesting you please suggest& guide what i can do on the meditation counselling. as she already told in caw cell that i can't stay with him & didn't give him divorce i wanted that she can be harrassed & died.