Order passed without complete or missing documents

Court Case is based on a Alleged WILL. Initially our court case filed in year 1972 by petitioner and closed in year 1979. After 21 Years in year 2001 petition for the same above case reopen in Delhi High Court in Division Bench of 2 Judges. When the final hearing of the case held in Oct' 2001 in Delhi High Court under the Division Bench of 2 judges the petitioner gave Fake and False documents to judges and judges caught this issue there and and ask petitioner how many more copies you made suddenly they ran away from court room.Judges orally order to present the Original document from the court locker not by the order on paper and the reply is that some one took that document in year 1986. Judges found that the Exhibit document EX-P1 (Alleged WILL) is missing from the court lockers which was required for the case concern. Judges kept those Fake and False document in record file which was provided by petitioner. But after 21-22 days judges passed an order which is not in our favor. Below are the list of the missing documents from the record file , Lockers and paper book: 1) Alleged WILL from court locker is missing 2) Lots of Exhibit document also missing which is related to the case from court locker 3) Fake and False document present by petitioner which was caught by judge was missing 4) More than 500-700 pages was missing from the paper book Application to check, inquiry of the missing documents already submitted by respondent on that time but till date there is no response or All those request kept in the record file. Is there any hope to get our home back