Mental harassment

Hi I was married on April 2015. from the 2nd day of my marriage my mother in law started to taunt me and my parents.. I was silent for 6 months later she took me to their relatives place and they too started talking about my parents n myself. She has done it 2 times. I thought if I dint tel anything dis tym it may repeat.. I decided to go against..I talked wd my father in law.. he dint support me.. neither my husband did.. they told it's all ur mistake.. u shud listen to them whatever they tell.. u r daughter in law..u hv to listen.. they used to not send me to go near my parents.. she used to behave like I'm maid of dat house.. my husband nevr supported me.. wat his mother says that is correct.. whatever it may be..even for small things theu used to torture me..I told my parents they asked them nt to taunt abt has become a big issue that day.. 2 to 3 times same thing has repeated.. but i dint call my parents.. I tried to handl e it myself.. but I couldn't..whenever I asked them to send me near my parents they used to tell wat is the need.. some of the relatives even said if they abuse also u shouldn't go reverse.. u hv to listen to whatever they tell u.. u shouldn't give reply to ur husband whatever he says u hv to listen..recently my hemoglobin levels count went down.. I was very sick n pale.. my husband n my MIL told me to work in that condition also.. I refused n they started shouting on me..they said me u prepare whatever u want.. I was even unable to stand..I prepared food fr my husband n myself.. nxt day they asked me to wrk.. y r u taking rest.. I called my parents n they took me home..presently I'm staying at my parents home.. in this one year I was mentally tortured mainly by my mother in law.. they used to treat me as a maid.. If I asked fr any expenses they used to nt give me.. if I asked for any outside food.. they used to tell no need fr u v have to get from outside ah.. if u r hungry go n hv biscuits n all.. wat can I do.. plz suggest