Fake agreement was prepared with family witness

Dear Sir My-self Kuldeep Kumar and my wife name is shashi Gupta from Ludhiana. We have some query related to property dispute which we are define here. Kindly attentions on some serious factor are here and please advice to how to be sort out. • What is validity of India non judicial paper amount of 500 & 5 rs/- • Can the Family witness is authentic on sale deed agreement. First witness is major and second witness age about 16 years old and both are member of seller party. First is relationship as a mother and second is relationship as a brother in her parent’s house. And the agreement was made in the area of her Parent’s house. • Stamp paper value is total 505/- one is 500/- rs and second is 5 rs/- but the sign is only 5/- rs stamp paper. • on the stamp paper agreement both witness are belong to seller party as a blood relation family member ( mother and brother ) and there is only the just name place on the agreement and there is no details mention like residence address, age , full details of witness , by the seller party. Only the simple signed are done. And there is not mention s/o or d/o or w/o etc, caste, sub caste. • The original property registry is safe custody in her matrimonial house but the sale deed agreement on the behalf of (duplicate) copy registry which was drawn by record room of suvidha center Office as dated 28 march 2014 by unauthorized person. Which we are got the information by RTI act • Property is pertain to Shashi Gupta wife of Kuldeep Kumar and this property was purchased by Her matrimonial house husband / mother in law. And we have all transaction record when we have purchased this property. • The agreement sale deed is [deleted]. And there is no any transaction record like cash management, DD, cheque. And it is all clear by Investigation report. But attention is here for notice that the sale deed amount of property is 20 lakhs rupees. And it is settled by one time agreement. • on the agreement dated [deleted] stamp paper was purchased father of shashi Gupta which We are got the information through RTI act. • We got the information about all matter when we have received the summons by inquiry officer Ludhiana and there was a purchaser party fully forcefully pressure on us. They are the owner of this property but in during the investigation some facts are come out which we have notice that shashi Gupta has signed the agreement as dated [deleted] but shashi gupta denied to this signature. When the matter is flushed out we found that one DDR was launched at salem tabri police station which is disclosed the original registry was missing as dated [deleted]. But same history was happened this DDR was launched by her father. Because in those days my wife was pregnant and she was living her parent’s house and she deliver a male child by surgerion operation as dated [deleted]. And doctor was giving advice to her medical rest. • On the behalf of my wife stated that in the began of our marriage my parents house has a crypt mind about my matrimonial property. and when they hear about this property was namely owner her daughter. her father always started her to pressurize for transfer the property in her brother. but always she denied her demand regarding this act of manner. but one day her father was again make a plan about it. And he was take to my wife with the excuse of birth certificate of my child namely chirag new born baby and told to her he has some work to the police station for and filed a false DDR regarding the lost registry. but my wife did not get the copy of DDR against lost registry by police party. and we also got this information by RTI act. but police party mention on DDR my wife' father was present. • But DDR is not misuse anywhere type of copy registry withdrawn. • After filed the DDR my wife parent’s house started a marriage dispute between me and my wife in the women cell Ludhiana and some time compromise are done by us. • In the time respective compromise as same date [deleted] which was also agreement date [deleted]. Both dated are equally. So have doubt that her father was signed the signature my wife as per said about this agreement is on compromise document but my wife was did not aware about it what is purpose of her father and she signed on compromise document. • On the other side the purchaser namely raman ahuja he is very close friend to my wife’ father. when we try to talk about raman ahuja purchase party he was saying your wife ‘father gives a offer for purchased this property with the amount of 10 lacks rupees and pending 10 lakhs rupees adjust this property. Because my wife 'father namely Hirdey Ram Gupta was borrowed the money for some houses needs. This information also we got by RTI act. • on the other fact when the inquiry officer has investigate this matter he changed his statement in written mode he was giving the amount 20 lacks rupees in the present witness person Sunny. But effect that no one Sunny witness has signed the stamp paper and there is no record of sunny. * Then we stand all the matter and now my wife help me to forecasting this matter. *so we need to your help and support regarding this act and specially thanks if you are do something for us. regards! Kuldeep Gupta & Shashi Gupta.