Owner deducting more money

Hi I stayed in a flat for 20 months, 11 month agreement is over. i have renewd only by words not in agreement for the next half. 1) As per agreement, Notice period is 2 months. but i have vacated the house in one month of notice. He charged one month rent for the second month notice period. Actually 31st of march we informed him about vacating the house till now he has not given me any amt ,april and may has gone. should ha have to dedcuct one month rental amount or not. 2) he is saying he will paint only in asian paint company painters and it costs around Rs 21000. But other painters are charging around Rs 14000 to 16000. even that painter spoked to him, but he is saying he will go only to the asian company painter. 3) Electrical problem charge for Rs 2100. Example - only 2 Tube Light choke is need to replace. but he is changed entire tubelight set. fan is working good. he changed capacitor for all fans and Dedtucting the amount from deposit amount. 4) Wood work - below the sink, woods get spoiled due to water went through the gap betwen sink and marble. This problem occurs in the entire apartment and we informed him in the begining itself. but he has not taken any step. but when we are vacating, but he is asking us to replace the wood. he charges Rs10000. for replacement of wood. 5) one time Maintaince charge for motor repair (Rs 2000) also taking from deposit amount. it should be given owners. kindly please suggest me on this problem regards Rajesh