Full & Final Settlement due after resignd from company

Dear Sir, I worked for a company called Easun Reyrolle Ltd, Hosur. in a senior Engineer position. In July-2014 I resigned from the company due to the irregularities in the payments. I served my complete notice period and received a relieving letter from the company along with a full & final settlement report, which indicates about Rs. 6.5 Lakh ruppes payable to me by the company. As per the company policy, I am supposed to get the F&F dues cleared within 40 days. But even after two years , the company has not responded to my queries about the payment. They keep saying that as soon as they have enough funds, they will pay me. But they seem to be functioning normally otherwise. The amount is very large and it is been pending for quite some time. I have been following up with the CEO, other middle & higher management on regular basis on emails (around 100 times through E-Mail), but no response. In such case, what legal recourse do I have so that I can get my dues clear? Thanks in advance for your opinions.