Child custody and visitation law

I am a software professional. I and my wife separated due to financial reasons in 2010. My wife is house wife. We have 2 children ages 10 years and 8 years. My wife started living with her parents. In 2011 I again started visiting them and taking care of children expenses to some extent. In jan 2016 she stopped letting me to meet kids on a hot discussion on past time married life. So, I am living separated again away from kids. I not think wife much as we both tried alot to get along but we cannot. Section 9 I don't want as I don't want to be ruled by my wife. I do care for her somewhat So, I don't want to file for divorce also. I think next life is of children not us. So I think about children very much and sometimes find myself guilty of their uncomfortable life. I cannot do much about this. I cannot mess up with my wife as she have strong family history. My family is like no one with me as my parents left this world. In this whole scenario/situation I just want that I able to file petition for visitation to kids and later on their custody if they are not doing well in life with mother. 1. How much this thing can take in court ? 2. What are the estimates on the court fee and lawyer fee involved ? 3. What can be adverse legal things to this action of mine in court from my wife side in court ? 4. What is probability of success outcome of this thing ? Please reply soon with some reference articles on Indian Law. Thanks