My husband dont want me with no reason

I got married in jun 20 2014 but my husband was supported me frm engagement to post marriage till sep 16 2014.He started avoiding me and with the help of his entire family members I hd been illtreated nd mentally harrassed by them and sent back to my home with no reason.Again I was going there but thy are sending me from home by using abusive languages and telling nonsense about my character that I have affairs and treated me with no food.Now after so many mnths they created a letter and asking me to sign in the paper to get entry into the house.Thy are not allowing me to the house with no reason and thy dont want me.But I can confirmly say that my husband has an illegal affair with his student and he want to marry her but he is not opening up his actual intention and I dont know how to prove it.last month apr 25 2016 I gave petition in SP office by saying that they are not allowing me and they are asking me to forcefuly sign in the paper what they have given.4 Counselling happened for him but he is telling he dont want me and he is saying that I have ruptured his life so he dont want me..So kindly tell me what can I do now.