Mental Harassment by husband and in laws

My husband and in laws lied about my husband salary as being 60000 before marriage but it was only 30000. Just few days before marriage my husband told me the truth but i dint mind n adjusted. after 15 days of marriage only me and husband were staying together. his mother was in native and both my husband and she started torturing me and my parents. they married me for money and job but as i was not getting job, their torture increased. my mother in law shifted with us and started too much of mental torture n started shouting that i dint get job and all home expenses should be taken care by my parents for 1 year after marriage. they tortured so much that it was compelling me to commit suicide. one day both my husband and mother in law shouted on me and next day my husband met with accident and she threw me out of hospital where we had admitted my husband and she told me to go to my parents home but i returned to my matrimonial home. she came there after some time n brutally pulled me out of home n threw me away with all clothes. Now they are not ready to take me inside home. 1. Its been 6 months now. Can i file a complaint now?? 2. I dont have any proof of the mental torture n dowry harassment they gave me. how do i complain about that?? 3. If their phone calls for the last one year can be obtained then that can be used as proof. Can i get them from telecom dept?? 4. what cases can i file against them