How can I get med history of my wife who is suffering from Schizo

I am a victim of fraudulent marriage and was cheated in marriage; the bride is suffering from Chronic Schizophrenia and Seizers with acute intensity prior to 4-5 years of marriage. Before marriage she was taking treatment with private psychiatrist and for this I have some original medical bills and prescriptions before marriage date; I found these prescriptions in her bag along with all those medicines. She was on first and second generation medication with highest doses (like Clozapine 200 and Aripiprazole 20 mg both). While treating her with psychiatrist and due to her behavior, I came to know about her illness. Also, I received a certificate about her illness from Regional Mental Hospital mentioning that she is suffering from “Chronic Schizophrenia” while treating her with the same hospital. So after gathering all the facts, I immediately left her at her parent’s house and filed a petition for Section 12 (i) (b) and 12 (i) (c) to declare marriage null and void within time limitation. And from her side she put petitions for RCR, HMA24 and Section 125 and all cases clubbed now and on evidence stage. Now, I want to know that how will I get her entire medical history about her illness from the private psychiatrist from whom she was treated before marriage and I have the original medical bills and prescriptions of that doctor in her name. So please suggest how can I get her entire medical records through RTI or any other legal ways? Experts kindly suggest…Thanks!