ACB is failing to take action despite proof of illegal assets

Sir, Im Ramana Babu from Vijayawada. I have sent genuine, verifiable and accurate details of disproportionate assets of a.p. govt. officer through my maid id (present market value is Rs.7 cr.) to the director general, apacb, hyderabad and also the local dsp, apacb. Even after a month, there is no action initiated. When I called up the local dsp, he says that the govt. value at the time of the accused officer was very low; no of disproportionate assets must be more than 30 (?). Also, he said that any govt employee, as per their rules, 60% of his gross salary can be allowed to be shown as his savings. Is it correct? I am bringing it to your notice that the above employee has never declared his assets through annual property statement to his dept for the last 28 years. Of late, we came to know that the accused govt. officer belonged to the same caste of the director general of the apacb. There has been no response from the dg, acb and the local dsp is trying to water down the complaint. Under these circumstances, what can I do sir? The very purpose of constitution of ACBs is defeated. Pls guide me. Thanks and Regards. Ramana Babu