Related to Divorce

Hello, I have affair with my girlfriend. We did court marriage in Mar 2015 with mutual agreement and understanding. We have not informed to any family member of us. Suddenly they knew about this marriage because of some incidents of family members. so girl's family doesn't want to continue our relation. They are asking for divorce. When I have talked to my wife she said I cant merry because of family pressure. I have asked so many times that anything wrong with me or my family ??? She said NO. She likes me but cant continue with this relation. But I don't to give divorce at any cost. I love her too much. I wanna make her happy. Hers parents want to file case on me and my parents that I did marriage with their girl forcefully. I have all evidence of marriage that prove we have done marriage with mutual agreement. Only girls have right to do so?? anytime they can merry and they can file case for divorce.??? Her parents putting pressure on me. Due to some official reason I have to travel to Abroad. Shall I travel to abroad for project work?? If I will travel to abroad , my in-laws will contact to my company through politicians and politician make pressure on my company to call me from abroad. In this situation what should I do?? Please advice me. Thank you in advance.