Regarding Khata transfer

Hi, I have a property in Bangalore, purchased one year back from the builder. Since I got a transfer, planning to sell my flat. The situation is A) Land has "A" Khata certificate. B) No OC and CC given by the builder. C) Has proper building plan approval and permission from BBMP. D) Bescom and property name transfer is done. E) Property tax is paid up to date. F) Khata transfer is not yet done on my name and still with land owner name. Now the query is: G) Is khata should be on my name for selling the property? H) If the Khata is not transferred on my name from the land owner name, will it stop getting the loan from the bank and registration as well? I) When approached the builder on OC & CC, he said the building plan was approved on FY 2012 TO 2013, that time OC & CC was not mandatory and there is no offset in the building plan and no need to bother on this. J) Further, when I asked the builder to get the Khata on my name since planning to sell the property, he said if I apply for khata transfer for my flat now I will get only B form not A khata though land got A khata since there is no OC & CC. Further he said it will be very difficult to convert the property from B Form to A khata when Akrama Sakrama rule is passed. Also, he advised that I can sell the property to the new buyer and the new buyer can apply for A khata for the property after Akrama Sakrama rule is passed. Please advise what should I do now in the above case, I am totally stuck now. Thanks, Boopathy.