Havent received my salary

As per the requirement company had recruited me on feb 23rd as head of operations pay package of 15,000 to be paid per month, effective from 25th of February 2016. I was appointed solely for marketing, making creatives & Presentation for the Sponsors (Part time - wasn't time constraint). I had approched them quiet alot of time for my salary but never received a proper response, inspite of finishing all the work i was blamed on not doing any work as soon as i ask for my salary, also they had been delaying my salary since 3 months now. Upon forcing they had transferred 3000 once and then 4000 the next time. i have still not received my full payment. Due to the careless attitude of the company i left the job. Since i had intern got only insult upon asking for my salary i had to take a step of changing the password of the main profile as i was told that i have done nothing and the work that is done will be counted as free. Now came to knoe that the company is not even registered. And he says he will spoil my career if i dont give him the details. I am not ready to give the detail i have of the company unless i receive my salary for the hard work i have done. i have proof of all the work that has been done.