How to get out of 498a/406, DV, and Maintenance as no foul play

I am male, got married 2 years back in arrange marriage as per Indian Muslim Personal Law. There was no dowry demanded before, during or after the marriage. since after 15 days of marriage my wife's mother started the ruckus by telling to all family/extended family/relatives/friends etc etc that we are torturing her daughter for dowry, harassing her mentally and physically. Initially me & my family thought it was childish behavior and ignored for a while, however her mother's negative/foul publicity was on. My wife kept on arguing during this 2 years tenure and finds reason to go and stay with her parents for around 3 or 4 months in a stretch. Her parents and she wants me to get separate from my parents and family, funny part is that we are staying away in Mumbai and my parents lives in my native place. Her mother and she do not want me to stay with my family even when we go on vacation. During this entire 2 years her mother kept on publicizing the foul play by us and told everyone multiple times that we are torturing and demanding dowry every day. One fine day on just a small argument which also my wife initiated to get the traction left my house along with her paternal uncle after they bombarded our house suddenly and abused me and my family to the core. since last 6 months she is staying with her parents and trying every possible harassment opportunity to destroy us. She & her parents even went up to the extent to break my sister's marriage by approaching my sister's would be in-laws. On my sister's engagement day which was 2 months after my wife left our house filed 498a, 406 FIR against me and my family to ensure the engagement gets disturbed somehow. They even went to Madrasa to file complaint against me and my family on the same day. After taking AB we are safe now. By gods grace engagement happened and nothing they could do to disturb it. Now since its been 6 months my wife is with her parents she filed DV and maintenance from social court. To my great surprise she continues to blame me of everything and shows she is eager to come back, but no sign of sorry or even repent. my questions - 1. Is it possible to file DV while 498a case is still going on in court ? as far as I have read, once cannot file DV while 498a is still active hearing. Please confirm. 2. How to ensure my wife and her parents learns lesson so that they do not harass anybody with this Legal Terrorism in future ? This is most important for me as this would send a message to girls and especially their parents that 498a is not a way to extort money. 3. How to get out of this mess which my wife created ? 4. How 498a and Muslim marriage law behaves in such criminal cases ? 5. How to ensure we get protection from any future atrocities that they are planning to plot ? 6. What is final blow that I should make to nullify all the shit that they created ? 7. How can I get compensated for the harassment and torture that me and my family took ? and what should be appropriate value ? 8. How can I turn the table so that sufferings goes to other side ? P.s - there is no demand of dowry during the entire 2 yrs period, no kids, no harassment, no violence, no torture involved from my side. There is no proof with wife for any of the accusation that she filed in FIR. Please help so that I can save someone who is in need.