Rectification of Gift Deed, Site Plan Registration

Facts : •?Gift Deed Registration done in favour of me on 23.07.2015 at ADSR, Bidhannagar. •?At the time of Registration no Site Plan was registered. Previously I have no Site Plan. •?At present, I am preparing for sanctioning of Building Plan from Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation(BMC). •At any cost BMC shall not allow me to submit Building Plan File without Registered Site Plan. •?As Gift Deed mentions that there is a 6 ft. road in south and 6 ft. road in East in my house which should be exactly 25 ft. and 10 ft. respectively. It was happened because the advocate who made the Deed proposed me to show 6 ft. & 6 ft. road in south and east of my house for less Registration Fees. I accepted his proposal without knowing the future effect. He also did not advise me for Sight Plan Registration at that time. What I need : 1. Rectification of Deed mentioning 25 ft. roads in South & 10 ft. roads in east of my house. 2. Registered Sight Plan mentioning 25 ft. roads in South & 10 ft. roads in east of my house. The advocate is not sure whether rectification can be made in Gift Deed or not. He advises to cancel the deed and register again. I have got the Porcha(danga), then converted it to Bastu, Mutation Certificate from BMC after a long and hectic journey. If I cancel the Deed then these documents will be invalid. Kindly, give me your valuable advice how to solve the problem. Samir Sarkar, Kolkata