Gift deed

We have a property on the heart of the city of Jodhpur, which was earlier in my grandfather 's name. My grandfather had 3 sons including my father who was eldest among the three. My father was posted to Jaipur due to which we (my mother, my younger sister and myself) moved along with him, My uncle younger to my dad was also forced to move out of my ancestral house. After my dad's retirement, we came back to our ancestral house. After sometime, my dad passed away and because of that my mom moved to Jaipur with me as I was having my job there only. After that my grandfather forcibly gifted the whole property to my grandmother. And after some time my grandfather also passed away. And my grandmother alongwith my youngest uncle who is bachelor till yet (aged 48) did the funeral of my grandfather secretly. In fact, neither one of us family members, nor anyone in the locality and society knows whether it was done or not. Now after all this matter, I moved back to the same place and because of their (my grandmother and my youngest uncle) greed, they are trying to move us out of our ancestral home with the help of forged legal cases and whatever they can to do that. Now, can you please suggest us something to retain our successorship and to prevent themselves from not to disown from our own ancestral property. One more thing or request to keep it private and confidential just for security reasons.