Family Issue

Hello sir, I do stay in Bangalore. I have 2 kids 1 girl(6years) and other boy(3.5 years).Suddenly I came to know my wife has a affair with one of her friend. When I found out than we have lot of arguments but than we decided to forget everything. But internally they were planninng to get rid of me. So the house environment was made tensed she shifted the kids to her parents house. After that she convinced everybody that I am torturing her mentally and physically. I thought she forgot that guy. And her parents were talking about all the small things like cook, relatives which can be sorted out. I said in front of everybody I ready to resolve all the issue. but she did not agree. Now after all this I talked with her over phone. she told me are you dumb u cannot understand why I am doing this. I want to marry that guy. If you are not giving me divorce mutually I will make everybody of your house in jail. She wants the kids even. We have a house in joint name in loan which gets deducted from her account. And I used take care of all the other expenses(Resorts, shopping, there daily needs, schools, taxi, there daily needs). My condition is like I donot have any money now becoz I was thinking her account is the our saving. Now she wants the house in her name as well as everything money in joint account we kept for kids. My condition is like now I need to borrow money to eat till I get the salary. She is working in a MNC. . Help me and give suggestion what I need to do. Her friend is also going through divorce case. That guy has convinced her that all his property he will register in our kids name. Previously I was knowing that guy passport has been submitted in court becoz o the divorce case. and he is searching for job. But after yesterday conversation with my wife I came to know he has a job now. Please do suggest me. Waiting for your reply.