Regarding Eviction notice

Hi, Currently i have rented my 1BHK house(Bangalore-ITL Area) to a tenant and they have moved in APR-2016.Initially tenant has paid the deposit amount as discussed and she left to home town after staying in house for 2-3 days.Initially we thought tenant might come back in a week, as tenant mentioned that she works in MNC and has option to work from home.But after a month, we tried reaching her on mobile to finish rental agreements formalities and for other things. But her Karnataka mobile was switched off most of the times and even if she attends calls , she was not responding properly. Finally, in 2nd week of MAY we called her up and asked her to vacate the house for which she mentioned that she will be coming back to Bangalore by end of month and she likes to discuss details in person. As mentioned, tenant was in Bangalore in last week of MAY-2016 for 3-4 days and to our surprise she didnt contact us. Now she is again back to her home town Chennai and her mobile is switched off. Now,we don't have any rental agreement with the tenant and she is not paying rent as well. Tenant paid only deposit amount when she was moving in. Now i was not sure what should be my approach to resolve this issue, but i had thought of below options OPTION1: I'm thinking of going for one new lock, so in case if the tenant returns, they will stop by for the keys and that point of time, i can ask them for their decision regarding the vacating. I'm trying this only to have them stop by me to discuss details, I know this is not correct approach,but want this to be solved. OPTION2: I thinking of issuing eviction notice to tenant and take things legally. For this approach i don't have tenants address other than my house she has rented. So should i provide my house address as Tenants address in eviction notice with reason as "rent not paid". Could some explain me the complete procedure how this eviction notice procedure works when tenant agrees/disagrees to vacate. Also,would that be possible to make sure Tenant pays all my attorney charges once this gets resolved in court? As because of their irresponsible behavior, i had to approach the court to gets the things resolved Please advice on my options. Thanks.