Is there a chance to win this case?

The land we had was distributed between three partners-My father and his two brothers in 1972. Because my two uncle were settled outside India, they decided to name the property on my name. My father did the same. two parts out of three( my fathers and one uncle in UK) got cleared as I payed them back. one uncle settled in USA gave me the papers in return of the money(around 3 lakh rs) Because it was family everything was verbal and I payed them in installments over the years as I didn't have enough money to pay them in one go. Only 15,000 rs is left but I did a mistake and didn't take receipt of the money paid. Over the years in the papers I added my fathers name and my four brothers name in the papers legally. He then added his two sons name in it too. I knew about this. but then few years back without letting us know he deleted all our names from it. So I am fighting the case against him now as he is refusing that I paid the money for the property. He is very rich and trying so hard to win the case by paying the lawyers and other people to support him. recently, he tried to sell the land while the case was going on and when I got to know that I filed the case against him and I won. but I am still going extremely weak and I am not able to find any solution. I am not financially very sound so it is hard to go on paying lawyers for this. I really need help.