I m a complainant..opposite accused has filed for quashing

I m a seema purchased a house in ahd society for stay, but unfortunately society secretary is loose character and when he see me in the society, he alone and some times with his big son throws eye signs and blocks my way to offer me his friendship, which i denied and told him if he wont stop I will complaint in police against him. He is like a terrorist and anti social element in that area so even if i go to police i do not get witness as no one comes in front to give witness against him, also as a female i don't want to indulge into this, in hope he will stop all this nonsense But rather he used his powers of secretary and gave permission(signed)documents with airtel tower company to build a tower just in front of my house, i was shocked and i requested for whole 1 month to society members and chairman also but everyone told me that this decision has been taken by society secretary(to annoy and harass me) On last Holi, he catched my hand also but on seeing one lady of the society he moved away(i did not complained because of reason mentioned earlier) on 8.11.2015 90% tower work has been done in front of my house and my in laws refused to come to this house for stay due to tower, i tried to sell the house but yet it could not due to tower, no one is offering for my house...i stucked with my hard core money blocked due to single man terrorist activity and i dont hv witness On 9.11.2015 morning i took help of one lady doctor staying in the same society and she agreed to help me seeing my tears I visited local gram panchayat, every one spoke that ur society secretary is very bad, every day he comes here to make quarrel, also tower is illegal as no permission or information has been given to us.. I visited auda also, they also replied same that RULE is they need to take permission on papers from auda, which they did not took..tower is illegal On 9.11.2015, about 10.00 am society secretary ( with chairman) blocked my way near my house and threatened me not to go to auda or panchayat and let tower to complete as they will get 16 lakh rs from tower Though I went to auda with doctor and we submitted our objection against tower While coming back from auda, on road we saw secretary with chairman following us up to auda office, secretary came near me and he spoke me, why do not u agree with me ? your all problem will solve in an hour, tell ? doctor has listened and she shouted to him and told now they will definitely file FIR against them On 9.11.2015, I filed a FIR, police has taken their pakka jamin, This action against him, he could not digest and became violent so I stopped going to my house since that day To harass me more, he filed a case against me in high court to quash my FIR I m afraid, what will happen ?