How can get a divorce with out hurting anyone

Hi. I have been married since 2012. My husband is torturing me not to go to office - I am a project engineer. My husband is just a puc pass and works in Saudi n visits India once in a year or 2. He keeps doubting on me with others. If I fight back is a problem to him. He expects me to agree on his words. If I agree he mentally tortures to agree on his terms to talk to all. He has hacked my mobile n sim with help of his friends. He keeps track of who is calling me for how much time. Who has messaged. Every single detail. I am ready to accept that I do not want to stay with him. He is not ready to accept that. He wants me to have an agreement of life time that I will live my life on his orders and will. I should talk to whom he allows and not talk to one's he disallows. From 4 years he never shared his income with me. Only I have been asked to share my income with my in-laws. I have given them my salary in cheques. I have the proof. Please advise what to be done. I don't have a child yet.