Right to Information

I work as a non-teaching staff in a private english medium school which is a minority educational institution within the meaning of section 2(g) of the national commission for minority educational institutions act 2004 and covered under article 30 of the constitution of india. I joined this institution in 1998 under the designation "project assistant" for serving in the open school department. in april 2013 i was given a promotion as the head of my department with retrospective effect from 1st. september 2012. but i was given the designation of " asst. project officer ", whereas all my predecessors who served in the same post had the designation of "project officer ". however after completion of 3 years till 31st. august 2015, i started applying to the management to give me the proper designation and scale as "project officer", but got no feedback or reply to my many written appeals. My question is whether i am eligible to write to the management under right to information act or any other act and demand a reply from them. please guide