Dear Sir , My Name is prakash and I would like to understand few things related to divorce . I got married 15 years before and was staying with family and my parents . My wife is having issues with family so they left her and not in touch . She always keep on fighting and I have observed there is no reason for fighting .What exactly the issue is is not known to me .She always keep on talking about divorce . Now the fighting is happening in front of relatives , Guests so I have decided to divorce her on priority . What amount legally I have to pay per month . Also what are her rights with my properties which is still on my father name . Some Property I have given to here that is on her own name . Some Property fully paid by myself is on Joint name . Normally this doesn’t happen when everything is there in place and such fighting I have not understood what is aim is this here behavior what is going to be achieved with this . 14 -15 Years I was thinking that she is fighting for House , Property etc but now its beyond my Imagination . Can you please advice legally what is the right way to rid of the issue . Best Regards , Prakash