Married in India working in USA

Hello, I am married to an Indian girl in 2015 , match was via matrimony site, I did not ask for any dowry and the girl does not have property on her name. Literally she bought zero amount of money from her parental home. Right now I am planning to apply for divorce as we have lot of differences and i am being continuously harassed by her every day for money and other stuff. she doesn't even perform any work at home. She is well qualified with a masters degree. I reported this to her parents many times. but they are reluctant to accept this and thou her father did on a couple of occasions. my problem right now is she is accusing me of physical abuse, she is threatening me to screw me badly. She lies to her family and my family too that she is performing her daily tasks of house maintenance i want to get a divorce in an amicable way . she will certainly go for a contested divorce. my question is how much can i loose in alimony, maintenance and family property division (which was acquired before marriage).