Neighbour Nuisance

Our neighbours have started to keep dogs as pets for a few months now. They started with one and now have 7 dogs. They leave them all without a leash in their street twice a day. This is troublesome to the people who need to cross the street as the dogs occupy most of the space and keep running around due to which many people especially little children get scared. Also, they keep barking all night which is disturbing the entire neighbourhood. These dogs also wander around without supervision into the nearby streets causing trouble to even more people. The owners own most of the houses on that street which they have given on rent and hence everyone is afraid to complain about them. Is there any legal complaint that we can file about it? Is there something we can do put an end to this? As far as we now they don't keep these dogs as pets but for some kind of business. The dogs are not kept inside their house but in a house beside theirs which is still under construction. Please let us know how can we get them to get rid of the dogs without hurting the animals?