Divorce , property share and custody

Can anyone pls elaborate what % of share a wife gets in husbands aquired property and assets ( his parents living seperate in their own house with another son who is also their nominee. My husband is also disowned by them last year) during divorce after 13 yrs of marrige (wife non working) and having 2 kids.. pls also share the alimony and custody details. Both of us are joint holder of our residential property. And also booked another flat on my name alone which is still not paid fully. All the payments were made by my husband only. Since the husband is paying n working do i still have share on those propeties as declared on papers or it will go to my husband at the time of divorce. We have one 12 yrs daughter who doesnt want to stay with her father due to his voilent and abusive/agressive nature and another child is minor. Does a 12 year old would be considered as a eye witness in domestic voilence case since he has been voilent with me as well as my daughter . He has anger issues and very abusive destructive kind of person.