Whether it constitues a case under Sec 420 of IPC

A case was decided by the DCLR Bihar in favour of the Plaintiff on the basis of a false Compromise petition allegedly signed by 7 of the defendants. None of the defendants had ever appeared in DCLR court or signed any Vakalatnama or Compromise petition. The entire act was a fraud and collusion between the Petitioner some greedy lawyers and the Authorities. Under the 'The Bihar Dispute Resolution Act 2009 ' and amended Act 2010 & 2013 the DCLR is the final authority and an Appeal against this can lie only with the Commissioner and that also within ONE month only. Over 4 years have passed when it has come to the defendants knowledge. No action has between taken by the Petitioner even to get his name mutated on the basis of this Order in the last 4 years. I want to know 1. Is there a civil remedy ? 2. Is there a Criminal remedy ? Whether U/s 419,[deleted] & 472. 3. Whether the authorities without whose connivance this Order could not have been passed can be proceeded against under Criminal Section. If so how or do they enjoy immunity. 4. This law was made for speedy disposal of Land disputes but has ended up taking away the rightful rights of out of station land owners.