Hi, I had applied for divorce case which got dismissed at lower court. I appealed against it in high court and it got dismissed as well. Also my wife applied for restitution of conjugal rights which got upheld in both the lower as well as high court. In parallel my wife applied for interim maintenance case in the lower court. Through this case court asked me to pay monthly interim maintenance to my wife. Now that divorce case is dismissed, I am willing to take my wife back home which based on my understanding should automatically put an end to interim maintenance. However my wife is 1. Refusing to join me in my parental home 2. Refusing to give divorce on mutual consent 3. Asking me to pay maintenance How should I handle this situation? Irrespective of whether she joins me in my parental home or not not my primary aim is to stop paying her interim maintenance. Would you please guide me though this? Should I send her a legal notice saying that I am stopping to pay maintenance because as per the court order I am willing to take you home right now and take care of you but you are not willing to come home and join me Please advise, Veer