Mutual consent divorce

Hi. I am a 33 yr old woman with serious issues in my marriage. The top 3 being no1. physical approximity... my husband is totally disinterested.. no 2. He doesn't want a baby. And for both these issues he claims that he doesnt like me and stays away because of our general household arguments. No 3. No financial security... he doesn't involve me in financial decisions and has built all his savings, policies and property with his dad instead of me ... there are many more smaller issues but these are the important ones and he refuses to acknowledge or resolve anythig. We got married in delhi but are now staying in bangalore. Can i file in bangalore? What would you advise? I would prefer a mutual divorce. What are my rights? do I have to wait for 1 year...staying separately in different houses before we can file for a divorce or can we file it asap? What all do I need to be careful about? I do not trust him or his family and fear more mental torture. Lately he has been agressive... throwing and banging things and I fear physical violence as well. Also... since the first month of marriage I have been indirectly asked to give money, either to pay a bill or by my husbands claims that he doesnt have money at that moment, or because he had joined some monthly money comittee. I ended up spending indirectly or giving him various amounts on frequent basis. But I feel that since I don't give him d money directly he and his family keep a distance from me instead of treating me llike family and wife