Voluntary retirement

I am a Govt employee. My post was identified as isolated post via restructuring committee report. My post sanctioned strength was reduced to '0' and department calls me excess. Department proceeded with redeployment process of excess staff and I was directed to fill an option form.Upon reading the relavant rules of redeployment found that The statue rules provide provision for opting special VRS with full benefits and it mandates that the departments to give wide publicity for the VRS scheme. I worte a clarificataion letter to the department about the VRS scheme and the department did not reply. I gave reminder for the letter but again no reply. As VRS scheme sets a time limit for opting the VRS I opted the scheme and gave a VRS retirement letter. As said earlier the rules quoted in the departments direction letter has a provision for VRS but the department has not bought the VRS scheme to the notice of employees and the department is presently taking the stand that VRS scheme is not applicable to their department.They have sent my vrs representation to higher officers and has kept matter pending. I fail to understand how redeployment is made under rules attract only parts of the statue while omitting other parts saying them as not applicable. kindly suggest the course of further action.