Agricultural land sold at enormous rate

Does selling a piece of agricultural land at a rate way higher than that defined by government beget the trial for the owner and broker? I bought a piece of land in Bhilai, Chhatttisgarh from a broker on a trust basis. The cost incurred was 23 lacs rupees. I was so naïve that I didn’t even bother to scrutinize the details back then. Now, when I’m all out to sell this property, I got to know that this is a kind of fraud case. The actual cost of this land at the time of purchase was merely 8 lacs rupees, neither government rate nor private agency rate match up to the cost incurred. Isn’t it a fraud case? Also, when I visited Patwari, he is kind of misbehaving and trying to get some money. He is measuring that piece of land again and again and every time he ends up with a different boundary. I’m so pissed off that my hard earned money going to be a waste. Can I lodge a legal case against the broker and/or the owner? I implore the experts out there to please enlighten me and throw in some suggestions. Thank you in advance!