Dowery case

Sir the daughter in law don't do any work at home . and went to his home again and again . she don't want to do any work at home.and she harrases her mother in law.and entire work is done by mother in law. And she threats mother in law. She has threathen that they will do a case of characterless on father in law and dowery case on son. Where in they both have not demanded anything. And girls fathers demands money and threatening that he will do dowery and charaterless case on father in law and on son. And the girl is having one child of 10 months. Thretning that they will take to court and will demand for very big amount monthly for living. Where in girl is having 20 lakh in different banks on her name and his father is a government teacher getting 50000 per month. And she is only girl child of her. And they are pressurising the boy to give monthly money and also for to be gharjamai also. Boys father is a sugar patient from.last 20 years , heath patient,blood pressure patient, legs are senseless because of sugar. And mother in law is sugar patient, asthma patient from.last 30 years, blood pressure patient. Age of father is 65 years and mother in law is 62 years. Marriage done 6 years .one daughter 10 months. Please suggest .