Right to reside in matrimonial home

Hi Its common practice now a days to disowned bride and son in planned way and take them out from matrimonial home. My in-laws had been torturing me from day one of my marriage. They took all my gold including my mangal sutra and engagement ring and kept everything in their custody. They even demanded my salary and when I refused my husband and inlaws planned this conspiracy. Without my knowledge they kept going to police station and kept filing false complaints against me and my family when I used to go to my work. They used to torture me at home. Then one day my husband shifted to a rented accommodation and kept insisting that I go with him. As I was not aware of such conspiracies happening in society, I agreed to shift with him. But they did not allow that as well and kept insisting that i go to y home. One day when I came back from work they locked the door and did not allow me to enter my matrimonial house and showed the newspaper clipings where they had disowned me and their son. within two days I got court papers that they had filed for permanent injunction. They kept all my stuff, istridhan etc and saying that they have nothing. The permanent injunction case is in court. We have filed dv and my husband has filed for divorce. My matrimonial house is in the name of my mother in-law. Please tell me if they are such cases in which the court had decided in favour of daughter in-law as rented accommodation thing was just and eye wash and I always stayed in my matrimonial house and never in the rented accommodation. Also, whoever has experienced such a conspiracy by their inlaws pls write to me. Also, pls tell me how much money and time it takes to transfer a case from one court to another..