I want divorce from my wife

Sir, I got married in Feb 2016, we stayed together for 10 days after marriage. From then she started quarrelling with me for even small things. One day her parents came to me and quarelled with me when I was alone. My in laws came over me to manhandle. But I was not afraid. The next time also, when my parents attended for solving the issue, my wife's dad once again came over me during talks. With such incidents from her family and herself, I got frustrated and I isolated her though we both are staying in same house. My heart says that I ll never stay with her. My wife says infront of everybody that she ll not leave me and she ll behave good. But her nature is not such as I read her. Only We two are staying in my home but in different rooms. My parents are staying in other place because my dad works there. In these circumstances, how can I apply for divorce from her. Somebody is terrifying my parents about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, under which whole family can be put behind bars. I stopped talking to her after those big quarrels, I never have harassed her in any manner. Still people say that even false case on my family would effect much.. I can not in any case live with her. Plz guide me how can I approach for divorce. Your Valuable suggestion is highly appreciable. Regards Sekhar