My husband is forcing me for divorcce

HI, i have been married to my husband 2.5 years back. Since our marraige he has not supported my financially at all. I was the only one who was contributing to his domestic expenses.He use to spend all his salary on drinks and drugs with his friends.When i use to object this he he replied that i am trying to control and dominate him.He use to hit his father to get NOC letter from his bua's so that they can sell of this house.He use to stay out on most of the weekends partying with his friends.We had an argument over this as this is happening since we got married.Once i saw some other girl messages in his phone and my husband admitted that he is flirting with other women.Now all of a sudden he has started forced me for divorce.He says he will filed mental cruelly case against me.He says i should move out as this is his father's property and threatens me that they will disown him on papers to that i should have no rights to stay in this house.I don't know where i am at fault.He started raising his hand on me.. at times tried me to choke my next and is abussive with me all the time.When i asked him reason for divorce he mentioned because of compatibility issues.I wonder if i ask my husband not to spend his salary on drinks and to take carse of his responsibilities and to stay at home rather than roaming all night on weekends does this amount of mental cruelty? Moreover he says he doesn't find me attractive and he wants to move out in live in relationship. Please advise what should i do