Road related issue

My land is around 8.00 acres. It has two approach roads . One road passes through the land of my ex owner who is now objecting to my passage and another road is passing through govt land but my ex owner is claiming that also to be his land .he has managed the local tehsildar and also enter his names in the pahani from last 3 years as kabjedar in the kabjedar column. We raised the same issue with the tehsildar but she is not at all supporting us. i have filed for injuction and got interim order as well including the cart way to reach my land. My opponent in the mean time filed for partition of ancestral property and also included our land in that suit in a higher court.He was declared exparty as he has no documents to prove the second road as his ancestral property in the case filed by us for injunction. He has appealed for transfer of case to upper court and has issued orders from upper court to lower court preventing from further proceedings in case filed by me.what shall i do now. Getting approach to my road is my top priority.