Maternal family harassing

I am a unmarried girl of 24 yrs.The problem started when I started working in one of the IT companies in kolkata. My family was not agreeing with me working. So at the beginning my mom was little supportive and with her help I moved to PG and lived there for about 3 months. Then my parents called me back to home and so I did moved to home. But then after 6 months of my joining the started asking me to leave the job and sit at home and study for gov't exams in which I am not at all interested. Now after about 9 months of my job I got an opportunity to move to Hyderabad for on job training to US and Canada. My process had been started for visa processing and other things. For this my parents earlier said yes you can move to Hyderabad but later when the above process started they denied to move to me to Hyderabad. And didn't let me join in the present location as well. Due to which I have to abscond from the job. But my supervisors were good and somehow managed to provide me realise letter. After not letting me join the job I was house arrested at home. Later on 22th may one of my friend and seniors of my previous company came yo my place and asked to marry me to which I was agreeing but my parents was not agreeing because he was from telgu and was not Brahmin. We are Bengali and Brahmins. But before he left he was able to convince my dad not completely but he said he will do registered marriage but cant do arranged marriage and asked him to leave. He lives in Hyderabad and he came down all the way down to Kolkata to have this talk done with my parents. He left on same day. It was Sunday 22nd may 16. Once he left they started harassing me and house arrested me again. They switched off my phone and locked the PC so that I cant contact him. He beat and harassed me for 2 continues days. I told them things are chocking me and I might end up killing myself. They Said kill yourself but we are not letting you go anywhere and kept me house arrested. On 25th may I somehow managed to escape getting the keys and my certificates and came to airport and booked tickets to Hyderabad. While leaving I left a note that I am leaving and will call them. After I reached Hyderabad they kept calling me and that guy and his father. Here he also didn't knew that I came to Hyderabad but his father knew as he kept calling me again and again and his dad was not well and I didn't wanted his health to Detoriate more. After coming Hyderabad I am staying at my friends place. But my family members kept calling me and harassing over the phone and sending me threat texts. I came to know that they have registered a missing report case against that guy and his father to which I called the police station and informed them I am not missing and I informed them me leaving home. After all this also they are calling me and that guys and his dad and threating them. My father is threating the guy to spoil his career charging him to motivate me and kept me missing. Everyday they threaten the same. They asked me to come back for which I said I am not returning to them for which my father and other family members said to get married to him as soon as possible. So me and that guy is getting married on 1st June 2016. But I am still worried as they keep threatening us everyday. Please suggest what step we should take as I don't want the guys career to get spoiled and his father's health to Detoriate more. And also I want to work and spend my life on my own terms and conditions. Please suggest as things are killing me inside and I may end up ending myself to end up all this.