Salary And Experience letter.

I was working for an company for 7 months. Because of some reason i had to leave job, according to process i asked the owner about notice period(oral communication) he said no need to give notice period mail you finish your current work and you are free to go. so i sent email regarding Registration. They accepted it that time but now the they are giving me my pending salary much less and creating unnecessary delay for offering Experience letter. I am describing details below. 1) i worked from sept 2015 to aprll 2016. 2) I had pending salary from company of March and April(2016) month. March month 10000/- sal and april month 5000/-(because i have worked for only 15 days). Total 15000. 3) One mistake i have made that because of my lack of knowledge i wasn't hand over the charge to Team Leader. Now company applying me penalty on my pending salary. I am ready to give penalty. They are offing 11000/- only for both march and April months. Now i wanted to ask it is possible that company can apply penalty on 2 months salary. They should apply penalty on last months salary and if so is it possible that company can apply penalty of 80% on salary ? 4)They have not provide me any document like joining letter and experience letter yet. First they said they will provide me on 4-6-2016. now i got email from company saying that you will get your final payment on or after [deleted]. All i have is few salary slips of company, few emails sent by the company, and few other proofs which will prove that i have worked in that organization. The important question i want to ask #1 : Don't we have some rules and regulations in our constitution to control such behavior of companies ? Such companies literally blackmails the employees for documents and salaries. #2 : What legal action i can take in my current situation against the company ? Thanks in advance..