Govt land grabbing (state highway 1)

My mother, purchased land with survey number xxxx, from xxx in the year 2002. During the 6th month of 2015, we have asked the Honorable civil court,xxx to deliver us with justice regarding the borders and alien interference. The honorable court in its judgment on 29th of feb,2016 declared the borders in our favor, the copy of which is attached with this requisition. Recently, it has come to our knowledge that the land under survey number xxc was sold to a different party. The land actually sold contained a part of Government acquired land for Rajiv Highway SH1 and a part of our land. Over all there is a malicious plot to curb the road and adjoining land in unethical and illegal means. We have reported and complained about the same to different authorities at village, mandal and thaluk level. Some of them refused to act while the others were reluctant. We have Land owner ship documents including Land Passbook, Pahani, Proceedings, 1-B, Agriculture Electricity bill. Decree and Perpetual Injection order from Honorable court,xxxc. Documents procured through RTI relating the owner ship of the disputing party. Documents related to Land acquisition and compensation. Kindly suggest me