Credit card

Sir i am having a three credit cards ICICI , CITI, HDFC .. all the cards were 1yr old. last year on OCt-2014 i have a baby & he was hospitalised for cystoscopy treatment on an emergeny by birth so i withdrawan 1,60,000 from ATM from all the cards as doctor said the expense would be around 2.5lacs. i m thankful to the credit cards to help in emergency. i have opted for emi from all banks but only CITI & ICICI has approved HDFC didnt rejected saying this cant be done. since then i m paying all the dues regualary for an year . now i have asked cicti to settle the account & they agreed & closed my account by settlement of 23k against 60k.thanx cto citi there service was hatsoff. also icici but hdfc harrased me month on month to make payment i asked them to settled the account they didnt replied & threatedned in very bad manner. i have paid only an interest 8k - 10k monthly on card & nothing has been lessed from initial amount. after making so many complaints they are ready to settle the amount with 69k against 75k cc limit. i m asking for settlement from last 3 moths now as the outstanding amt has been increased to 89k they are making me force to pay a minimum due then go for settlement. i have used the amount so i have made the payment whole year . i have paid more than the outstanding amt in an year but they dont bother. they are not bothered with client situation they call & visit home used abusive languages continously. my condition is i have made the paymnent by gold loan sometimes i kept my wifes mangalsutra & paid the pament to hdfc my condition is very poor because of medical expenses of my baby . he need regular trteatment in every 3 months wenever the infection increases. he ismy first baby i have never thought of being in such a situation . sir pls help me & guide to overcome this situation.