What action can be taken

I wanted to know the rights of a granddaughter on her grandmother's property. My grandmother ( my father's mother) had a share in the ancesteral land from her mother's side in kerela. She did not take a share of it as she was out of the native town due husband's service, and did not wanted it to get sold to an outsider and also they were in a bit constant economical background that time then her brothers. She thought its our own brothers they would help us during our difficult times. She signed her share to her brothers name and they had got some money years later which was in 2004 or 2003 which was 25000 which is no where even equal to a 2 sq. Feet of the value of the land and now that we are in our difficult times they have turned thier back. They have built houses in their share and are giving other remaing share to thier children while we are suffering and have not got anything. My grandmother is no more now she passed away this year. Do i have any rights to clam for my share and what actions needed to be taken by my side.