Club jiva membership

Dear Sir, I had taken Club jiva membership for 5 years & paid 50000 rs for entire 5 years while i was in goa for holiday. After returning back to mumbai i checked online club jiva reviews & found that company is not good & many members like me r complaining. I tried to call there jogeshwari office to cancel my membership but phones line were dead continuously for a month. mean while i visited office but unfortunately they had shifted office. i couldn't find. i tried continuously for 2 months sending them mails but there was no. reply. after a year i again mailed them & this time they answered my mail due to techinical problem there phone & mail were not working properly. As i was much harnessed mentally i expressed my desire to canclled my membership. to his they said it is not possible as they cant cancelled now as the one month period is over. still i requested them to refund my amount. they told me to mail the request they will forward it to finance dept. it will take 15 days. later i contacted them but they said finance dept. didnt approve my request. kindly help me how to get refund of my money.