Tanent absconding and have sub let shop

We have rented a shop for a lease of 15 years .we filed a cse for eviction on banafied need su leeting...both the grounds were no established...n we lost the case in lower n sesseion courts and appeal was also rejected by high court...statting that the tanent exisits n he is using electricty n phone from 30 years...there was a sub letting which was not proved...later on tanent became defaulter from bank loans n 138 cheque bouncing cases...n ran away from bhopal....now we have filed a new case in mp accomdation act for tanent abconding arrears of rent, damage to property ect..(one extra floor made)..where the court found him abconding here we made the sevents of the shop as party ...they beeing sevent of subletter...confessed to be the servent of tanent...,which court did not agree in order..made in favour of us. the servent were paying rent on behalf of tanent with his false signatures. now after winning the case...the subtanent and servents had put down a revision under 23 e of mo accomodation act and has taken stay......the signatures on vakalatnama r false.....please suggest....they will take advantage of old case we lost with tanent...making a senario that tanent exixt n we r legal servent acting on his behalf.... is revision competent if there r arrears of rent....? there were four grounds of evction was sseked..arrears of rent, damage to property, and tanent absconding,rent agrreement has expired...but only one ground order was passed...vaccant possession to landlord....can we claim revision based on all grounds...? can vakalat nama can be challanged b coz of false signature...n adrees mention on it is wrong b cos his house had been forfeited n sold by bank....? order made in favour of us was ubder sectuion 23 j special catagories of land lord....which was not files by us in intial application.....later on when sdm found that father is of 75 years n walks with a stick he asked to file a application under 23 j which we did...is ay thing wrong...? i think revision by high court will take lot of time..... shal i file fixation of fair rent on fasis of locality n adjoing premisis current rent id 500 rs / moth no revised fron 30 years where as rent in locality is 150000 rs......but i doubth...who will pay rent...b posseion is hold by sevents n order had been passed in our favour where tanant is already abconding....kindly guide....? abhishek