Getting my father's share from my grandfather property

Hello sir/ madam am Meghana, software professional working in bangalore , property am talking about present in Village called VEMGAL, Near H-Cross , Kolar district Karnatak, i will just brief out my need, for my grandfather, there are 3 son's and my dad is first Son , and second son died in 2007 and last son stays in KFC near by (50kms with in) my grand mother is still alive and we have heard all the documents are on her name for my education my parents have relocated to nearest town and we dint not had so much time to frequently visit my dad's native , now we have problems where we need some money or at least we wanted my dad's share to reach him when my dad asked this with his brother he beat him saying you left village long back and all though there is no legal complaint my dad had made, now i involved in this i spoke to my Granny directly as property is in her name he says everything is taken care of her younger son and i demanded for my dad's share so what my granny says is they have applied for some "ESSETHU" in Village panchayath before 3 months untill we get it we cant divide like that please help me on what steps i have to take to get my dad's share from that village i dont know what are documents and how to start with this