Ipc section 370

Sir/Madam myself Sujata my sister name Bhagyashree has been trap in ipc 370 has she is innocent.My sister and her friend's name as vaishali and kanchan were looking for a job so with the reference of kanchan they coordinate with a guy name as pravin for beauty parlour massage job.Pravin is a friend of kanchan as on pravin direction they went to a hotel name as veggie somewhere in Mira road located in mumbai.As coordination was going on through kanchan mobile and after few calls kanchan ask my sister Bhagyashree to call pravin as her talk time balance is not sufficient when Bhagyashree my sister call pravin he asked who is younger from all of three so my sister says she is younger on that pravin ask her to wait and one of his client will give her 5,000 after few conversation one fellow came and handover the cash to my sister and ask her to wait has he is bringing more money on this my sister Bhagyashree was clueless and she tried to ask that man what's going but that man without saying a single word just ran away and within seconds women constable were their and they arrest Bhagyashree and her friend's vaishali and kanchan.Without listening and without verifying the background they file a case on them and the most harm they did is that they showed vaishali and kanchan as an victim and prostitute and Bhagyashree as an prostitute and main accused who supply ladies.And they register a case on her under ipc section 370. Sir/Madam my sister Bhagyashree she is a victim of this trap and she is innocent.She doesn't have any criminal records in her past. Sir/Madam please guide us.As now she is in thane jail and we looking forward to take out by bail application but Sir/Madam we want to free her from this case as this case will ruin up her carrier as well as her life.So on that base I want to know how to invalid or remove this case from her after bail bcoz as usual after bail court will call her for each date. So please Sir/Madam guide us for the same. Thankfully Sujata.